The Continued Christian Presence in The Holy Land

The Foundation believes that migration out of the Land of the Bible can be stemmed. By offering these families hope for their futures, perceived opportunities in foreign lands will be less enticing for their betterment. This will help keep the historic Christian Church in the land where it began. Financial aid for quality education will give Christian young people a better opportunity in the search for significant employment. Helping parents obtain job skills and marketability will equalize their opportunities in the marketplace of this troubled region. Finding solutions to the high cost of housing will also provide stability. All these contribute to the grounding of these families, rather than them leaving this land and its pressures to build for a better future elsewhere.

Facts and Figures

50 years ago the population in the Holy Land was 25% Christian --
Today it is about 2% at 160,000.

Jerusalem Christians totaled 45,000 in 1940 --
Today they are less than 10,000.

In Bethlehem during the 1960's the Population was 80% Christian --
Today it is less than 10%.

60,000 Christians used to live in Ramallah in the 1970's --
Now there are less than 6000.

Equality of Opportunity

Faced with discrimination, economic hardship, and suspicion, the living conditions for Christians in the Holy Land is worsening. These daily challenges are destructive to life, family and community. As a result of the ongoing pressures created by those they live amongst, the Christian population is rapidly declining.

Inadequate housing, high unemployment and greatly reduced educational opportunities are causing widespread suffering and an exodus of local Christians. The Foundation is working amongst local Christians of Arab and Jewish descent to establish equality of opportunity for this underrepresented minority, in both Israel and the Palestinian Areas, to safeguard their right to live a life of normality.