Meeting the Need

CFHL is concerned about the diminishing Christian presence in the Holy Land. While there are an abundance of organizations which represent and serve the Jewish and Moslem populations - few organizations are known to assist Christian families.

Christians in the Holy Land bear the cross of tolerance in a region of division. The Christian minority faces many problems, and these daily challenges drive families and young people to immigrate from their home. CFHL aids Christians to provide help and hope. The Foundation works to inform and educate the public about the plight of Christians and their exodus in order to aid and preserve their presence in the Holy Land.

The Numbers

Scholarships range from $2200 - $6600 per student for a public Israeli University, or the few universities in the West Bank, per year.

Private schooling for grades 1 - 12 is $2200 - $13,200 depending on the quality and location of the school - Christian or secular.

Professional job placement support runs an average of $1100 per individual for a six month commitment.

With $110,000 - $126,000, a family of three to five members can be placed into a newly constructed home within a Christian community. A monthly rent is then paid to the Christian administration, maintaining the focus of responsibility with dignity.